Hi- I’m Gera. I am giving you a glimpse of what is going on in my life today- so welcome!~ As a Native American Flutist, songwriter and keeper of stories I am proud to present ”Distant Lands that I co-created with my husband T.M. It has been three years in the making and the result of a wonderful undertaking with some friends Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan), Roger Squitero and John Bertsche. Give a listen and let us know how you like it.

"Gratitude for this song. It is very beautiful. I love it. 

I was in tears, memories from the jungle coming to me when I heard the sounds in there 'The Jungle'"

Rocio Alarcon founder at "IAMOE" in Ecuador

In light of all of the events that happened in 2020, I found myself a holistic RN, a Yoga teacher, desperately wanting to help.  I kept myself busy leading daily morning meditations on Facebook Live for 108 days. This also led to my starting my blogs and  meditations on https:// lazygirlsyoga.com page.  As a consequence of these intense past few months, from being in the Galapagos Islands, to being shut down in NYC, I was inspired  to offer this album. "Reflections during Covid-19.nyc" was done in a journalistic style during the outbreak and final zero infection in the ICUs in NYC.  

Both these projects are  very dear and personal to our hearts. We are honored that ‘Distant Lands” and  “Reflections of Covid 19.nyc” were both accepted for submission to the upcoming 2021 Grammy Awards.

We hope you will have a listen and if you want to go further into my site “http://www.lazygirlsyoga.com/" for my spiritual coaching site along with offerings of videos, music and mediations. Go just tell me- 

“What’s on your mind”.

New York, United States