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Short Bio: Despite the challenges that women face in the music industry, Gera has been able to develop her music abilities across multiple disciplines. She is a songwriter, multiinstrumentalist, vocalist, engineer, and producer. As a voting member of the Recording Academy, Gera has continued to evolve her skills since her childhood piano lessons. She traded her piano for something more portable, a concert flute which allowed her to play every place where she traveled. She has visited many countries and has known many cultures because she likes to speak with the people in every country she visits. She likes to exchange instruments and experiment playing different songs as well. After living in the southwest she returned to NYC and did some comedy with a partner. They called themselves “Clark & Polieri.” they opened for Buster Poindexter at the infamous blues club, Tramps. There, she got to meet many iconic blues artists and would sometimes join the stage to jam. After that, she met her first husband and they collaborated and promoted benefits at a jazz club she managed in the Village. It was called “Lido Café.” It enabled her to play with all the musicians who visited the venue. Gera was then approached by owner of a jazz club named Condon’s and began running shows herself. There, she had the opportunity to meet many wonderful jazz, blues, and rock artists. When her spouse had a major stroke and ended up in the hospital for 3 years before he transitioned, she resorted to meditation and started leading meditations and visualization for healing groups. This impacted the direction of her life greatly. She studied meditation under the wisdom of masters at a Kalmyk Tibetan Buddhist monastery and led many meditations. She even did service for the Dalai Lama’s doctor for a decade. While at the monastery she heard one of the most beautiful sounds she had ever heard. It is commonplace now, but wasn't 20 years ago. That sound was the Native American Flute. She took flute lessons from a Native American master from the Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma…Ed Callshim. She then returned to the southwest and while retracing roots came upon that beautiful sound again…but this time it emanated from a little adobe on the Taos Pueblo’s entrance. She stood in the doorway and listened, and the player asked her to come in. That was John Rainer Jr., one of the foremost traditional Native American ‘songkeepers.’ She was encouraged by him to pursue the NAF, so she went on to study with RC Nakai, and that took her playing up to another level. She founded the Silver Lake Flute Circle and formed a relationship that would lead to the Nightdancers duo and the recording of the album “Montana Crossings” at the Avatar Studio recorded with Jim Anderson. This recording brought new opportunities for shows, and they were encouraged to submit the album to the GRAMMY Awards and to the Native American Music Awards. RC Nakai had always taught to find your own voice and encouraged Gera to go to NY and record an album. It was then that she decided to do her first solo album based on the Native American flute and showcasing its many sounds. She even commissioned and worked with renowned flute maker, Brent Haines to create a flute which sounded like a blue whale. Hence "Migration of the Soul- A Meditative Journey” began it’s own journey and after meeting Elliot Scheiner at a GRAMMY sponsored “In the Studio” event, they went into the Manhattan Center Studios and recorded the final tracks for the album. Mr. Scheiner then mixed and co-produced the album (at “The Eyeball”). His son Mat even mastered the album. As a person who places well-being on the top of the list she next released "Stepping Into the Light,” which has its basis in recovery and meditations again accompanied by the healing sounds of the Native American flute. When the Covid19 pandemic hit in NYC, Gera, went on social media, and facilitated 108 straight days of meditations until the toll in NYC’s first wave reached zero deaths. Gera then turned to the online App “Insight Timer” and did meditations and gave meditation and shows sometimes alone, and sometimes with T.M. Her goal was to bring joy, hope, and instant communication around the world during the lockdowns. She released “Reflections of' during this time and also released “Distant Lands” an album where she enlisted the help of longtime friend Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan’s musical director and bassist for 32 years), Roger Squitero (percussionist extraordinaire), (wonderful guitarist) John Bertsche, and of course T.M (all keyboards). "Reflections on Covid 19.NYC" and "Distant Lands" were both submitted for "Album the Year” and in “Best Spoken Word Album” and “Best New Age Album” respectively. Gera just performed in a show on streaming platforms with Folk Music and with Rik Palieri, who was her partner in the Grammy Peer Networking Program. They will be going back up and be joining Rik on his TV show and be playing in the Radio station live in Vermont. Gera & T.M also recently played at the Ofrenda festival in person in NY on the Cacao ceremony day with Nana Marina. They continue their journey and look forward to being back in the studio recording their new album as Gera & TM and for Gera’s upcoming meditation album “The Turn of the Wheel." List of albums: Distant Lands by Gera & T.M – Was on the GRAMMYs first ballot in Best New Age Album / Album of the Year-2021 Reflections During by Gera - Was on the GRAMMYs first ballot for Best Spoken Word / Album of the Year-2021 Stepping into the Light by Gera- Was on the GRAMMYs first ballot for Best Spoken Word album in 2017 Migration of the Soul by Gera - Was on the GRAMMYs first ballot in Best New Age Album in 2012 Montana Crossings- Was on the GRAMMYs first ballot in Best Native American Music Album.-2008 Awards and nominations: Distant Lands by Gera & T.M • Finalist in the Native American Music Awards for Best In Native Heart 2022 Migration of the Soul by Gera • Finalist (X3) in the Indian Summer Music Awards-2012 for Best in Native Spirit Montana Crossings - by Gera • Finalist Best in Native American Music by NightDancers (founding member of duo)-2008 engineered by Jim Anderson(AVATAR) • Finalist Best in Native Heart for Native American Music Awards -2008 • Finalist Best In Native Spirit for the Indian Summer Music Awards- 2008 • Indian Summer Music Awards finalist for Best in Native Spirit- 2008 Selected Performances: • During COVID 19, Gera performed 108 days of meditation and flute playing, until the death toll in the NYC first wave reached zero deaths. • Played during closing Cacao ceremony of Mayan elder at the Ofrendafest in April 2022. • Doing the Ho-oponopono prayer during the mercury retrograde 5 days a week. • Live shows every full moon and new moon. • World Flutes Festival -2012 Lecturer and Grand stage performer in Mendoza, Argentina • National Flute Assoc. Convention, Las Vegas 2012: Solo performer and lecturer, “Native American Flute for Peace and Inner Healing” • Teacher at famed NYC The Open Center- the Native American Flute for Peace and Inner Healing-2008-2009 • Facilitator of Native American Silver Lake Flute Circle - From 2005-2020 • Renaissance of the Native American Flute since 2005 • Insight Timer-Teacher 1.2 K followers-performance since Covid19 still active 4 times weekly • Music and Meditation and guided Yoga Nidra around every New & Full Moon and Special Holidays on Insight Timer • Meditation available on Insight Timer and active group circle- Gera Clark • FB 108 days of daily live mediation on FB live since March 25, 2020 for 108 days during NYC wave. Ended when the hospitals had Zero deaths in NYC • ETG cafe- show 4 times a year since 2007 • Staten Island Folk Festival in 2008 as NightDancers • Staten Island Folk Festival 2017 as Gera & T.M • Played “My Father’s Place” as Gera & T.M- 2018 • Played at various festivals around Staten Island as part of “The Snugs” • Amazing Grace Interfaith Church-since 2008 as part of the ‘Thanksgiving Candlelight Festival” • Played at The New England Women’s Herbal Conference 2013 & 2014 • Played at Ofrenda Arts Festival for closing ceremony of Cacao ceremony lead by Nana Marina & Mau Garcia https://www.ofrenda. The journey continues!

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