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Bio-who is Gera?

Daily Inspiration: Meet Gera Clark





Today we’d like to introduce you to Gera Clark.

She shares her story with us below:

Gera Clark: Entrepreneurial Healer;

As a woman in the music business, I have been  

“Incorporating” healing into all I do. By the use of music as a conduit for peace & inner healing I’ve been blessed to inspire others whether teaching at the famed Open Center in NYC or performing and lecturing on the world stage in Mendoza, Argentina for the World Flutes Festival.




Hot off the presses…We Won!!! I’m so very proud, honored, and humbled to announce that at the 20th Native American Music Awards (November 21st, 2022), Gera & T.M won “Best In Native Heart Recording” for our album “Distant Lands” in Niagara Falls, New York!

The sights and especially the sounds of nature experienced during my travels have filled my heart with much beauty. I learned to combine these experiences with the teachings of many different masters and to infuse them into my music & meditation, yoga, stones, essential oils, herbs, reiki, and energy work.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way? Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?

The main obstacle in being a healer for me is the old adage of “Healer, heal thyself”. I think fear is a huge stressor and causes so much harm. As a RN I found a need to remember to appreciate holistically-the body, mind, and spirit. Recently, I urged people to be as kind to themselves as they would be to their own best friend. I have found that although no one knows how to care for you better than you, Sometimes we question ourselves and may even be afraid to ask for help. I try to create tools for people to listen to themselves and to embrace their creativity. Denying my own creativity, I found myself lost and depressed. By uncovering my own past traumas and dealing with them, I have been able to recover.

Time! We usually do not have the time to do everything, so honoring my time and what I do with it is of paramount importance. We often get pulled in so many directions. In such instances, I try to remember that “no” is a complete sentence…no explanation necessary!

Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?

Yes, in the past few years I have released five albums, either solo or with others as well as 2 new videos which you can find on my website.

I have established a very close following of over 1300 great people on the online app, ‘Insight Timer’ where I give 3 to 4 live appearances per week, consisting of Special Yoga Nidra & Music, talks, and meditations.

Also this year, I was honored to have my poem, “Brigid’s Return” included in the compilation, “Brigid’s Light” by Crow & Louella on Weiser Books.

I also contribute to my secondary site named It’s a work in progress because the music took the front seat but its coming along. Its about yoga…lazy girls’ style, and a blog…you should check it out!

What sets me apart is that I believe it’s a beautiful creative world. Although I had a successful professional career, it’s never too late to tap into your creative self. Doubts and fears may still come up, but if you allow yourself to explore your creativity your world could just surprise you and begin a journey that’s beyond your wildest dreams.

What’s next?

Right now I am working on upcoming albums to be released in 2023. I am working with T.M creating more videos and music so we can express our songs to promote healing and some fun. My aim is to make beautiful videos to help convey a certain essence of the songs. To invite people to take a pause in their day- A little lift and a gift for the spirit.

I am also continuing New and Full Moon Nidras on the ‘Insight Timer’ App. People seem to get a lot from them so we’ll keep on doing them. Also, I lead “Journaling for our Creative Self” on Fridays at 9am EST. I look forward to creating more meditations and talks during the week with a “Wellness Wednesday” a lazy girls yoga mini mid-day time out for mid-week “hump day” stress relief.

I also look forward to booking a cool gig playing as Gera & T.M in Florida and seeing the butterfly garden!

I am formulating a creativity workshop and also am very excited to be in the process of organizing a creativity retreat which should be fun and beautiful. Inquiries welcome!

As always with me, I have been learning more and more and this happens by experiencing many more people..looking at their hands and tarot cards especially! I most always want to assure all people that they can change the trajectory of their lives at any time. They just may need some guidance. I do live tarot and palm readings at Sasha Graham’s, “Spirited Away,” the last Tuesday of every month in Brooklyn, NY (please check the schedule)



  • Tarot card reading online or in person $95/hr, $50/1/2 hr. Palm reading (in person only) $95/hr, $50/1/2hr.

  • Spiritual coaching $95/hr.

  • Native American Flute lesson- $50/ 1/2 hr

Contact Info:

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Let’s Work Together

37 Libby Ave

Hicksville, Ny 11801


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