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The Magic of 02/22/2022

It was just the day I had been invited to a wonderful "Psychic and Paranormal Event". I was excited to participate until I got caught in heavy traffic and said to myself,"Oh no, I'm going to be sooo late." But it has been said that there are times when great obstacles appear before a great event. Well, I was late but I got there and went about dutifully setting up my chosen space. I flung off my raincoat, and while trying to arrange the cloth on the table a tall commanding person asked me when I was opening! I hadn't even gotten to pull my tarot cards out when I said it would be a few minutes but she would be first to know. Two seconds later a lovely young woman was sitting in a chair in front of me at my table. I didn't even have a chair for myself, but like magic she and her male friend were sitting at my table! Right then the other person swooped down upon me and said. "Oh, you took someone else first!" I tried to soothe her indignation and said it would only be a few minutes to which the pair in front of me chimed, "of course." It was funny because the young woman sitting by me was smiling so much as was her friend who, by-the-way was NOT a boyfriend. Maybe that is why she was smiling, and her questions were not about a "true love"-thank God or thank Goddess.

A long time ago I knew a woman who did readings in a place where I worked. It was a lovely restaurant off of Greenwich Village Park and it was extremely busy around Valentine's Day. Come to think of it, I also witnessed many a bended knee proposal while working there. I guess it had been touted by New Yorker Magazine as the most romantic restaurant to propose in. Anyway, this woman would always dress very elegantly and her clients were mostly Wall Street people...all well heeled, polite and very close mouthed. They would come at their appointed time and perhaps get a drink at the bar and have their reading in the privacy of the back area, unseen by the public. After all, this was more than 35 years ago and what Wall Street pundit could be trusted if seen going to a psychic for advice? This was well before the international high speed communications of the Internet after all. When I questioned her about her clients she verified they were indeed mainly from Wall Street and she told me the questions were all the same. The women always wanted to know about love and the men always wanted to know about business and never the reverse.

Things have changed! It did seem as I went on, that many of the people who came to me oddly enough posed a similar question as well, but not the same one as in past days. What is the path I should be taking? Is what I am doing in life right for me? I realized with so many people asking the long or short form of this question that the pandemic had many of us questioning. What are we are doing with our lives? The sense of isolation had become stressful and as it happened, people were out in large numbers that night seeking either acknowledgement for their work or validation of what their heart's desire was. Maybe it was the numbers; 02/22/2022 that had so many travel from all over for this event in the torrential rain. Maybe the storm added to the intensity of their quest. I really don't know, but I do think perhaps 02/22/2022 had something to do with it.

It was clear from my readings though, that for so many people that day tremendous change was in store and the air was electric with optimism. How were we to know that the magical number had also been taken as a marker by Vladimir Putin and red circled for the invasion of Ukraine. It has been noted that many dictators and other people with a lust for power had a fascination for numbers and their meaning. Sometimes they even used them as the date to launch what may have appeared to be an impossible task. It seemed almost like a Disney movie of my childhood with the optimistic cheerful innocents doing good, while the evil sinister manifestation of dark forces was waiting in the wings concocting a potion for the day when he would take these innocents captive. This is a difficult time, and looking at Ukraine is not a game but a sinister plot that has exploded. I feel we have all been through so much over the last two years, but our sanity is being tested again as we hear the reports. This time though, it is from something very tangible. We call it an invasion but it seems like it is becoming a War. I hate that word.

I do not know the outcome of all of this, but I do know one thing...that if one can change the lines in their hand, and I have seen it in many hands, then I do believe that we are not fated. Perhaps we must all take a long look at the Ukraine's beautiful sunflower. It is the symbol of peace and solidarity of their people. From one seed grows a huge golden flower filled with many more seeds. May we all send our positivity and love to these people who are in fear or worse. Their lives and their families are being threatened or even destroyed. Keep on looking toward... the sunflower and that goodness will prevail.

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