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T'is the season to get witchy and then what..

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

So...I have neglected posting anything for the last couple of months. I have been online though, responding and 'zooming' and generally getting sick of my mac butterfly keyboard. My keyboard is getting so worn out and I don't even have long nails to chip away the keys. I think though that N and T are the most used letters is the English alphabet considering those letters are nearly indistinguishable on my keyboard. Of course, now that my warranty is probably expired, I didn't realize the long range effect on my keyboard that pounding on it almost incessantly during Covid19 isolation with work at home would have.

I always wonder if I have anything of value to share and usually have passed because my fingers were worn out and I needed to get outside the house and stretch and tend to my garden. Gardening and then more gardening. Chasing the pesky squirrels away from pulling up my impatiens and eating my gorgeous sunflowers. Oh the trials and tribulations of living in suburbia while pretending it's the country. Well, as a former city dweller, it is. Everyone here seems to drive everywhere as opposed to my living in the city where I walked faster than cabs could get me there... so walking was a constant...and healthy!

I have once again decided to figure out now living in the suburbs, I would not have to be a nurse again. Especially one who runs around all day and then worries about her patients at night. That life took a lot out of me both emotionally and physically. At least I never really had to exercise with all my very active ambulatory work.

Hence, here I am in suburbia and I've decided that the years of my keeping my herbs, stones, and massage table in the closet are over. I will be taking them out again in full view and setting up shop for myself. My own recovery, my own inquiry, and deepening my connection with my higher power will allow me to heal places I have forgotten I had to heal. I am taking more care of me after years of telling others to do so. Yes, of course I have done some self care out of necessity, but now I have finally come to the rather obvious realization that my own well being is paramount. I have been taking risks and listening to my muse who keeps hounding my ears. There are still so many things I want to do.

I will do some self care, spreading the word that spiritual recovery should not ever be a dirty word. We are all entitled to be happy, joyous and free not matter how we perceive the "God" of our understanding. Yes, I am one of those people who would say Goddess of my understanding at times just to get the idea into folks heads that I can choose whatever and whoever I want to be my higher power. After all, I have worshipped and even adored some severely unworthy men in my life, placing their needs first. I had convinced myself that these men were going to make my life better and that they were superior and smarter than I. Because I naively fell for it, I, while biting my lip should admit that sometimes maybe they were. That is actually a form of addiction in itself, but I really just want to talk about the 'light' side of things... no longer the dark side.