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What a long strange trip it's been...

WWW.GERACLARK.COM-So the last 27 and a half months we have been in a very real cocoon of ever shifting sorts virtually expanding and contracting like some demented accordion.. Now it's 'Make Music NY' and I felt compelled to contribute especially after hearing and seeing the amazing Jon Batiste last Friday is most definitely time to celebrate! Yes, I have taken trips that were probably more obligatory than fun in the last couple of years. The fun ones got cancelled by my testing positive for Covid. I am glad however, and very grateful to be alive and not lose any more friends than I did. Some because they passed, others because we just drifted apart. I think you may be able to relate to those kinds of situations but maybe I just have to sigh and carry on.

Today however, I am excited to have done a Yoga Nidra on Insight Timer with 120 pretty happy folks. I just do it because I feel it is Summer Solstice and the 'International Day of Yoga' tomorrow and also I just wanted to honor those who I have made friends with on the app 'Insight Timer.' I have never met these people in person but I feel very close with so many of them and they feel the same way with each other. How gratifying.

Then there is my hometown and the impossibility of trying to find a venue to perform at that is similar to ETG, a great place where I used to live. So I decided to do it tomorrow at a quirky place with a lively, smart, interesting gentlemen named Siddhartha. Now how could I not play at a place owned by a gentlemen named after enlightenment itself at his Surya Sound Temple. Live streaming the entire day while artists from the community will be coming through. Yes...give me some sense of movement and excitement and it's in Brooklyn after all. Then I Gera, shall retreat back to our home with my musical partner of the keys, T.M Dubas and we shall do yet another but very different Yoga Nidra to culminate the Summer Solstice celebration. Mind you, I have not slowed down from our excursion in Vermont where we were interviewed by Rik Palieri for "The Songwriter's Notebook" at the Media Factory in Burlington, and then also on the radio interview with Rik and Jason Baker for the "Folk Music Notebook" also in Burlington..

What a fun and gracious time.

I feel hope coming back...Vermont hosting, Jon Batiste in person (12 feet away!) and then playing a lovely evening connecting with my online friends at Insight Timer. I think,

how much better can it get?

I guess I will find out as Gera & T.M once again spread their wings to venture out and guess what? You are all invited! Free and open. Ps; If you can't make it, maybe I will be able to get our interviews up on my site... but as we all know...real time is always better. Have fun whatever you do. New York is reopening...I feel it...and it feels great!

Tonight! 6/21/22 Hit the above picture for the 6:15pm -7pm show of Gera & T.M and you will join us LIVE at Surya Sound Temple!

And then at 9pm EST hit on the above picture and it will take you to our Live Stream. See you then and have an amazing longest Day of the Year.-#SummerSolstice See you soon! We end at 10pm est so be prepared for a lovely Yoga Nidra.#Internationaldayofyoga also!

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