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We are nominated and Wow!

It's really something when you work at your art and keep redefining it and then you have the privilege of being nominated by your peers. Yes! That did just happen but now the work begins..

Congratulations to Gera & T.M for being Nominated by NAMA 2022 for ‘Distant Lands’ Best in Native Heart Recording’ Special thanks to Tony Garnier, John Bertsche, and Roger Squitero

Voting is now open to the general public!

Here’s how to vote!

Click on this link: below-

Scroll down 1 page to #1 until you see: “Voting Member Information”

Please type in name & email…(if you don’t, your vote will not be counted).Next scroll down to:

#24 ‘Best in Native Heart Recording’ ‘DISTANT LANDS’ by Gera & T.M

Scroll down to #39, Click “OK”

and then (very important)…

Click “Done" to submit your vote.

Thank you, we love your support

Visit for more really cool stuff!

Video for “Garden of the Moon” from “Distant Lands”:

If you have any problems, please let us know and we will run through it with you, plus it would be a wonderful excuse to catch up with you at the same time.:)

If you want to be removed from this mailing list contact:

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