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Well, it's that time of year folks!

Gera Clark outside the Grammy Museum on the way to the Grammy Awards with T.M Dubas in January 2020. It seems like ages ago..
It's that Time of Year Again!

Change is definitely on the way as we head into Autumn and see the leaves changing along with cooler nights and shorter days. We all pause and take a cautious breath as we take in the crisp air signaling a change is afoot. Well even if you are not in the Northeast of the USA, you know that this is an upcoming election year and after an extremely hard 2020 it looks like the end of it is not in site. We do remain hopeful and feel the comfort of pumpkin spiced chai with maybe a yummy nut bread in the hopes that our frayed nerves might somehow repair even if it means more pounds are added. I myself overdid it at the beginning of the pandemic so organic apples and red rooibos tea are just fine for now...I just have to step up my meditations again.

So today while I do look forward to the first round of Grammy voting, the time is really too short to hear everything this the twelve days of Christmas...gone in the blink of an eye. Yes, this year the submissions were early, although I did have 2 projects ready to go. One of my projects, "Reflections During Covid19, nyc." came out of doing 108 days of live meditations on FB live from March 24 until July1st. Then there is the beloved "Distant Lands" project that was being worked on and mixed and remixed for the last 3 years. It required hooking up with folks when they weren't touring such as Tony Garnier (Dylan), Roger Squitero (everyone), John Bertsche, and T.M. Then there was the struggle to get the tracks just right...and that last one..."The Jungle" was a real bear!. By the use of many indigenous flutes and two rain sticks and a shaker and a lot of patience, we got the effect of walking through the rainforest so vividly that my teacher Dr. Rocio Alarcon (South American ethno-botanist) exclaimed,"I thought of my home and burst into tears as I listened to your beautiful captured my beloved home of my ancestors so much that I felt I was transported back there with them."

So this is why I put so much effort into my music, just to help people to immerse, if only for a moment. Perhaps it will touch a place within themselves that connects them deeply to their heart and allows their soul to be fed. By helping others, it helps me. Without you there is no thank for stopping by and taking the time to read and perhaps to stay and listen awhile.

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